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Flowlow - A Journey into the Nordic Futuristic Design Universe

Welcome to Flowlow - a world where art and technology come together to create Nordic-inspired and futuristic designs.

Flowlow represents the perfect intersection of aesthetics and innovation. Let us take you on a journey through our unique products, where each element is designed to transform your home into a unique cosmic space.

View of the Saturn plant lamp on a bookshelf in the bedroom

Innovative Future with Flowlow - Business

Welcome to a new era of technological innovation and store design with Flowlow! We step into a world where our advanced levitation products transform the traditional shopping experience and fascinate both customers and partners.

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Dreamy Planets in Your Home: Explore Our Blog about Flowlow Planet Lamps.

Dive into a world of magic and mystery with our Floating Moon Lamp from Flowlow. This masterpiece of modern technology and artistic design transports you to the surface of the Moon, creating an atmosphere of calm and beauty in any room. Let's explore how this unique lamp brings the moon to your home in a truly special way. Read more
Beautiful 3D view of the moon's surface
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Floating Filament Bulbs: A Timeless Fusion of Elegance and Innovation

Floating Filament Bulbs: A Timeless Fusion of Elegance and Innovation.

Step into a world of sophisticated lighting with our Nordic Table Lamp, bringing a touch of classic elegance and cutting-edge technology to your home or office. This lamp is not just an eye-catcher; it is a mood-setting narrative of timeless aesthetics and innovative design.

What Makes It Unique?

Our award-winning Table Lamp with Floating Filament Bulb offers a unique blend of vintage-inspired charm and modern technology. The magnetically levitating filament bulb not only creates a mesmerizing sight but also a futuristic atmosphere that envelops any space in a distinctive glow.

Durability and Energy Efficiency

This vintage-inspired table lamp is not only beautiful but also practical. With an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours, equivalent to 12 hours of daily use for 11 years straight, it is a long-lasting and energy-efficient choice for indoor lighting. You are not just investing in beautiful design but also in durability and economic sensibility.

Stylish Modern Statement

Turn your decor into a stylish and modern statement with our Vintage Table Lamp featuring the floating filament bulb. Let its beauty and innovation transform your home, creating an atmosphere of luxury and refinement. Order your lamp today and explore the fantastic fusion of classic design and futuristic technology.

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Flowlow UFO Speaker: Revolutionary Futuristic Design

Step into a new era of revolutionary speakers with the latest innovation, the UFO Speaker. This levitating speaker defies the limits of gravity and the laws of physics, hovering freely in the air at a distance of 15-20 mm above a stylish base.

What Makes It Unique?

Technical Highlights:

  • 360° Rotation and Levitation & Fantastic Stereo Sound: Built-in 5W speakers offer rich stereo sound, ensuring a clear and impressive audio experience.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Technology: Instant pairing and strong connection up to 32 ft, providing greater wireless range and faster Bluetooth connection.

  • Wireless Charging: Utilize wireless charging technology, allowing the speaker to charge while levitating.

  • Long Playback Time: Built-in 1200mAh rechargeable lithium battery providing 8 hours of continuous playback, enriching your day and night with deep bass experience.

  • Colorful LED Desk Lamp: Integrated LED light source with stable illumination creates a romantic atmosphere and enhances your music experience day and night.

The Future of Audio Experience

This speaker is not just an incredible sound source; it is an unforgettable conversation starter. With anti-gravity and impressive physical performance, the UFO Speaker is designed to provide you with a truly unique and futuristic audio experience. Every time you use it, it will astonish you with its visual and acoustic magic.

Perfect Gift for Tech Enthusiasts

Flowlow UFO Speaker is the ideal gift for tech enthusiasts who want to add something unique and spectacular to their home or office. It combines advanced technology with outstanding design aesthetics, delivering an audio experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Let the Flowlow UFO Speaker be your gateway to an audio experience beyond the ordinary. Click here to see more and discover how this levitating technology can transform your audio universe.

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