Magnetisk levitation og 3D-printing skaber et imponerende kunstværk. Lampe svæver lydløst og roterer, tilpasselig farve og nem betjening
svævende jupiter
Jupiter lampe

Flowlow - Jupiter

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Product description

Experience a magical and unforgettable atmosphere in your home or office with the Jupiter Lamp, a masterpiece of modern technology and design that invites you on a breathtaking journey through the universe. This unique lamp combines magnetic levitation and 3D printing technology with high-resolution astronomical data to create an impressive and technologically advanced work of art.

The Jupiter Lamp floats and rotates silently in the air, and its slow movement creates an enchanting and relaxing atmosphere. With three different color settings, you can customize the look and feel of the lamp according to your mood and preferences, adding an extra dimension to your space and wowing your guests.

Operation is easy and intuitive with a single button, so you can enjoy the beauty of the lamp without any hassle. The innovative technology and unique design will leave you and your guests amazed and ensure that this unique experience will be remembered for a long time to come.

Give your home or workplace a touch of luxury and elegance with the Jupiter Lamp, and create a magical and captivating atmosphere that will excite and inspire. Order your Jupiter Lamp today and begin your enchanting journey through the universe.

  • LED color: White, Cold White, Warm Yellow
  • Jupiter's size: 14 cm
  • Base size: 134mm x 134mm x 28mm
  • AC adapter: 110-240V
  • DC plug: 12V, 1A
  • Certificates: RoHS and CE Mark
Additional information
  • Keep at least 20 cm away from electronic devices
  • Not suitable for individuals with pacemakers
  • Cleaning (when not in use): Wipe with a damp cloth
  • For indoor use only Avoid metal objects nearby
  • Decoration: Living room, bedroom, home, office, gift.